American Health Network Builds Stronger Teams, Enhances Job Fit and Employee Communication with Predictive Index® - Business Results
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American Health Network Builds Stronger Teams, Enhances Job Fit and Employee Communication with Predictive Index®

American Health Network Builds Stronger Teams, Enhances Job Fit and Employee Communication with Predictive Index®

Case Study: American Health Network LLC

Multi-specialty medical group American Health Network (AHN) turned to behavioral science to help its workforce of clinicians, technicians and support staff communicate better and work cohesively to deliver the highest quality patient care.

“Research shows you can’t attack a big issue like patient experience without looking at the things that go into that—and a lot of it has to do with people. With the PI insight, we can better anticipate personality clashes and thus surround our clinicians with the appropriate personnel and resources that will not impede on efficiency or patient care.”
– Monica Wearren, Organizational Development Manager, American Health Network


  • Strengthened communication among employees to help cross-functional teams work together better in delivering the highest quality care.
  • Set the foundation for leaders to effectively manage and communicate ongoing changes in the healthcare industry affecting the organization.
  • Supported effective conflict resolution among physicians to enhance productivity.
  • Optimized job descriptions based on behavioral data to confirm and strengthen job fit.
  • Empowered managers to deliver more effective coaching and feedback.


American Health Network LLC (AHN) is a multi-specialty medical group based in Indianapolis, Indiana with more than 75 offices across the Midwest. Founded in 1994 by a group of physicians seeking a better method of delivering quality health care, today AHN continues to serve communities through a powerful network of 200 physicians and 1800 employees.


AHN staff work collaboratively to ensure strong patient outcomes. However, personality clashes, particularly among physicians, were impacting employee morale, team dynamics and productivity. With the understanding that the core of these conflicts lies in behavioral differences and poor communication, Organizational Development Manager Monica Wearren looked to a behavioral assessment tool to gain unique insights into the personalities of employees at all levels to improve workplace interactions, build stronger teams and help managers more effectively coach and deliver feedback to others.


American Healthcare Network selected the scientifically-validated Predictive Index® (PI®) behavioral assessment to help employees better understand how their behaviors, and those of their peers, impact job performance, morale and group dynamics. AHN also re-evaluated the job descriptions for several “high-impact” positions using the PRO job assessment tool to pinpoint the behavioral attributes necessary for success in that role. Subsequently, with the PI and PRO working together, managers could rely on objective data to guide them to the right decisions in various scenarios—from hiring decisions to employee development to mitigating employee conflicts.


Based on the PI knowledge, Wearren and her team were able to better structure medical teams to ensure a balance of behaviors to limit conflict and increase employee engagement, prompting new dialogues and opportunities throughout the organization. Non-clinician managers also rely on the Predictive Index and the PRO tools to guide hiring, enabling managers to quickly identify fits and gaps between a candidate and a position, and employee development to increase self-awareness and coach staff for success. As the healthcare field continues to introduce new technologies, policies, and processes, AHN believes PI will continue to be instrumental in facilitating change by enabling their leaders to communicate information more effectively and in ways that resonate with the employees and provides the very best patient experience.