Business Results LLC | Expert Speaking Engagements
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Expert Speaking

Expert Speaking Engagements with Dolly Penland, President and CEO

Dolly Penland Business Results LLC.

Dolly Penland is an executive business adviser and speaker who works with organizations helping them to hire and manage their talent to their highest potential. She is a former freelance journalist with more than 20 years’ experience specializing in business news before focusing her talents on business advice and consultation. Penland specializes in multiple areas including helping businesses grow sales, reduce turnover and develop leaders.


Penland is an entertaining and informative speaker who combines practical tips with humor to engage audiences whether in person or via webinar. Popular topics include:


  • How to Attract, Hire and Retain Top Talent,
  • Everyone is Unique,
  • Improving Team Performance with Data-Driven Decisions, and
  • Using Behavioral Data to Improve Wellness Outcomes.
Great Webinar! I loved how Dolly kept emphasizing the ``human`` factor in all the HR work that we do. So often the C-suiters forget about this and the analytics drive what we do. The fact that we are working with ``people`` gets lost. Thank you for repeating that!
– Pat H., Healthcare Industry
Dolly was an excellent speaker. I learned several things today that I hope to put to use while interviewing of possible new employees. Thank you!
–Bonnie Z., Landscaping Industry
Dolly is an amazing presenter. Great material and very timely (solution-oriented) for change management issues.
– Marilyn M., Professional Services

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