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Leadership Selection & Development

Leadership Selection & Development

The most important responsibility that all of us have is to develop the leaders of the future. It’s the greatest challenge that we have, and the most important legacy that we can leave behind.

–William C. Weldon, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Johnson & Johnson


Developing tomorrow’s leaders is the number one goal for companies planning on a strong future. Executives consistently say they would prefer to hire from within their company, yet well over half of new leaders are hired from outside the company. Not surprisingly, the success rate for these leaders is disappointing.


Ironically, only 2% of companies in a recent survey reported that they believed they do a great job of developing leadership talent.


PI® can help you overcome many of the most common mistakes companies make in leadership selection. With the PI® assessment you can:


  • Develop and agree upon clear selection criteria for leaders
  • Analyze the outcome of previous selections to refine your criteria
  • Improve your interviewing and selection processes
  • Screen multiple candidates simultaneously for faster selection
  • Use PI® data to continually refine and improve your selection process
  • Quickly customize your criteria for unique positions


Once hired, the PI® assessment will help your new leaders shorten their success curve. By gaining a clear understanding of the behavior styles of their new team, leaders are able to quickly build rapport and improve communications. By understanding the motivations of their new team, they will rapidly reach higher productivity. The net result is faster success and a happier, more stable and productive team. That’s leadership at its best, the PI® way.

Help your leaders achieve higher productivity with Business Results, LLC. Schedule a consultation today!