Botsford Hospital - Business Results
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Botsford Hospital

Botsford Hospital

Botsford Hospital is a multi-specialty community teaching hospital with 330 licensed beds located in Farmington Hills, Michigan. The following is a testimonial given by Michael Ebaugh, Corporate Director, Learning and Development, Botsford Hospital.

“As a leading Osteopathic community-based teaching hospital, Botsford Hospital in Farmington Hills, MI strives to provide ‘an uncompromising commitment to excellence, quality, and leadership in personal and compassionate healthcare’. To support this mission of excellence, we recognize the importance of having the right clinicians, executives, and residents in place to deliver these values from the inside-out. Using the Predictive Index® (PI®), we have been able to make critical leadership hires including a Chief Medical Officer (CMO), a Corporate V.P., Human Resources and a Director of Nursing Services, to drive our organization.

As a management development tool, the PI serves as the foundation for three required management development courses covering the topics of hiring, effective communication, and conflict resolution. The success of this management program further attests to the value Botsford Hospital places on the Predictive Index.

The PI has also served as a valuable selection tool for our nationally-acclaimed residency training program. In a given year, we typically receive over 100 applications for just three openings in one specialty area alone. Our teaching physicians use the PI in tandem with skillful behavior-based interviewing to ensure a strong match between the position requirements and the candidate’s profile. As such, the PI enables the physicians to explore specific areas more deeply during the interview process, making it an invaluable selection tool.

I view the PI as a type of X-ray—it provides a powerful look into a person’s underlying drives, providing solid insights into their behaviors and motivational drivers so we can make more informed decisions and plans.”