Business Results - Business Results
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Business Results

Business Results

Executive Leadership and Business Consultant, Dolly Penland, today launched her new company, Business Results, LLC, an official Predictive Index® (PI) Certified Partner and PI® Certified Master Training Center.

Business Results offers comprehensive leadership training programs, human capital strategy and business consultation services using the science-based Predictive Index (PI) method.

“I’ve enjoyed working with clients using PI as an associate for the last six years and am very excited to transition to a Certified Partner role and continue that great work,” said Penland, President and CEO of Business Results, which helps clients achieve their organizational objectives by combining the power of PI’s suite of human capital assessments with its interactive and comprehensive management training programs.

Business Results teaches leadership teams and managers at client organizations to use PI’s assessments to help them define the qualities needed for each role in their organization, not only allowing them to make smarter hires, but most importantly to understand how to best develop, coach and guide each current employee to their best and highest potential.

“The Business Results model is to partner with clients to help them effectively motivate, communicate, and lead their people to the best of their ability every day,” Penland said. “Understanding each individual’s strengths allows organizations to build great teams, develop future leaders, and create amazing culture. This is how companies achieve real business results.”

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