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Create a Talent Strategy that Maximizes Your Business Results

Create a Talent Strategy that Maximizes Your Business Results

US employers added 209,000 jobs in June, only a small drop in hiring from May’s larger-than-expected increase of 339,000 jobs, keeping the unemployment rate at 3.6 percent. One of the biggest challenges companies face when hiring is finding rock stars. Hiring is easier when we understand that while not everyone is a perfect fit for a job, we can work with them if we know how.


The Predictive Index recently released the 2023 State of Talent Optimization report which found, among other things, that 64% of HR executives report the biggest roadblock to hiring top talent is finding qualified candidates. Another finding is that only 33% of hiring managers say they are equipped with objective behavioral and cognitive data on the candidates they are interviewing in order to understand the fits and gaps for how that unique person will tackle the work. Worse, we know that even more hiring managers don’t know how to interview around competencies, such as integrity, communication, or achievement orientation, that are required for success in all roles, from front line employees to executive seats.


Part of the problem stems from the fact that just one third of businesses have a talent strategy that aligns with their business strategy. Employees want to work for organizations that they feel believe in what they are doing, and that the work and the company’s values are aligned with their personal values. And looking at the C-suite, just 36% say they have the right executive team in place to execute that business strategy. Business Results works with clients to help them ensure their executive team is on the same page, and that their people strategy supports their business initiatives. We also help managers understand how to interview candidates and work with their people, to help them work at their highest potential every day.


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