It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year for Hiring Seasonal Workers! - Business Results
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It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year for Hiring Seasonal Workers!

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year for Hiring Seasonal Workers!

As the holiday season approaches, many businesses find themselves in need of extra hands to manage the surge in demand. Hiring seasonal employees can address short-term staffing needs. But before you start hiring, you need to define what you truly need staffing-wise so that you can ensure a productive work environment.

Just as if you were hiring for a permanent position, you need to first think about what things you need your seasonal employees to do. You have to clearly list the specific skills and qualifications required for each position and what the metrics for success are. You should have ideal job models ready that outline the required behavioral attributes and competencies and your managers should be trained to interview around those. For example, if you need an agreeable team player with a keen eye for detail and you are interviewing a candidate who is assertive and prefers to do things on their own, you not only need to interview around compliance to rules and processes, but if you decide to hire that person, your managers must be prepared to train and manage to that unique individual. Of course, each of your managers should be providing regular feedback to all employees, regardless of whether they are seasonal hires, and recognize their contributions.

Now is the time to be promoting these roles via job sites, your company’s career page, and social media platforms. You should also streamline the application process, making for a speedier candidate experience while also saving you valuable time triaging your candidates to find the best fit.

When you make a hiring determination, work with your HR professional to ensure that you have a clear, written contract outlining terms and conditions of employment, including pay rates and benefits, length of employment, etc. You should also be prepared to be flexible with scheduling to accommodate seasonal fluctuations in demand.

Even though seasonal employees are temporary, it’s crucial to provide them with adequate training. Proper training ensures that they understand their roles, your products or services, and company policies. Great training helps new employees to be productive quickly.

Seasonal employees, just like regular staff, thrive in a positive and inclusive work environment. Make them feel welcome. A positive work environment enhances morale, boosts productivity, and can even result in seasonal staff returning in subsequent years. Need help? Business Results specializes in helping clients of all sizes hire right and manage effectively. Schedule time with us today!