Building an HR Department from the Ground Up with the Predictive Index - Business Results
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Building an HR Department from the Ground Up with the Predictive Index

Building an HR Department from the Ground Up with the Predictive Index

Case Study: Jardine Lloyd Thompson (JLT)

Jardine Lloyd Thompson (JLT), a global leader in insurance and employee brokering, struggled with their HR and talent management processes due to their decentralized structure. The implementation of the Predictive Index® (PI®) process helped them to achieve their HR initiatives and goals through improved job fit, performance management and the ability to identify their future leaders.

“We use PI internationally and across the range of applications – recruitment, selection and development. We have a process called career review where we manage individual engagement, career planning and career mapping where the Predictive Index is an incredibly important instrument. In essence, any people management initiative that we have, PI plays a role.”
– Robert Potter, Global HR Director, JLT International


  • Enable call center employees to meet and exceed their goals
  • Endorsed by JLT’s team of Occupational Psychologists
  • Implement as part of performance appraisal process
  • Identify high performers and future leaders


Jardine Lloyd Thompson (JLT) is an international group of Risk Specialists and Employee Benefits Consultants headquartered in the UK. In 2008, Robert Potter was brought into JLT to build a HR structure and to develop a comprehensive Talent Management Strategy. Robert’s immediate plans were to focus on the recruiting and selection functions and the identification and development of high potential (HiPo) talent including succession planning.


Having utilized the personality profiling tool, Predictive Index® (PI®) for eight years at his previous company to optimize their talent initiatives, Robert introduced the PI and PRO job profiling tool to JLT for recruitment and selection. As a management tool, he leveraged the Predictive Index System for a positive impact on workplace effectiveness in the areas of team building, succession planning, conflict resolution, employee development and more.


PI has become part of the performance management process. Employees are measured and compensated against the organizational goals, providing true accountability for individual performance. Combining these best practices with assessment tools like PI, JLT can now identify on a global scale their high performers and future leaders of the organization. In the last year alone, JLT administered more than 1200 PI workforce assessments. Since introducing the Predictive Index to Jardine Lloyd Thompson, Robert remains confident that PI was the right choice for the organization as it has helped him deliver on his strategic goals within the context of the corporate culture.