Making the Most of Mistakes - Business Results
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Making the Most of Mistakes

Making the Most of Mistakes

Mistakes are inevitable when we’re trying something new or especially challenging. However, if we change our mindset and realize that the learning process itself is (or should be) as important as the final achievement, then we’re far more able to accept and learn from them.

Don’t see mistakes, challenges and setbacks simply as signs of stupidity or incompetence and give up. You should see them as necessary to becoming better at just about anything. Focus on effort, rather than only results. For any worthwhile outcome you need both, so when an employee makes a mistake, acknowledge it and then work together to find new approaches to solving a problem or overcoming obstacles.

Trying the same thing over and over, of course, generally doesn’t work. We all know the quote attributed to Einstein that says this is the definition of insanity. But actively seeking new skills and strategies, and crucially, seeking input from others, can put you on the path to the right approach. And consciously viewing mistakes and setbacks as opportunities to learn and develop new ways of thinking can help you bust through those obstacles in your way.

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