N.E. Physical Therapy Plus Inc. - Business Results
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N.E. Physical Therapy Plus Inc.

N.E. Physical Therapy Plus Inc.

N.E. Physical Therapy Plus Inc., is a network of six professional clinics located in and around Boston, Massachusetts. Owner Bill Sullivan shares a testimonial discussing how the Predictive Index® (PI®) and The PI Job Assessment tools have helped the growing practice attract and retain the right employees to better serve patients across clinics.

“At N.E. Physical Therapy Plus, we pride ourselves on providing patients with the highest quality care and service at every touch point. Recruiting the right people to help run our clinics and treat our patients has been of the utmost importance as we have continued to expand. Working with the Predictive Index® (PI®) and job profiling tool, The PI Job Assessment, we have gained a better understanding of the roles for which we are hiring, ranging from patient support to therapist.

Moreover, the PI has helped us better understand how to attain a strong fit between the candidate and the job. A core value of our company is growth. We needed to find clinic managers who were both great practitioners and those who had the ability to take the clinic to the next level of growth – both from the perspective of the quality of care and business performance. Creating a PI Job Assessment that captured the behavioral requirements has helped us hire the right people who embody this core company value.

Similarly, we needed to transform the Front Desk position from being a purely administrative role to one that is responsible for the patient’s first impression of our company. Some of our existing staff could not make the transition. We often found that candidates looked good “on paper” and even interviewed well, but after three to four months stopped performing well in the job. Creating a PI Job Assessment for the position helped us realize the behavioral requirements of the role and what PI profiles would provide a long-term employee fit. As a result, we have selected better candidates and have benefited significantly.

As a management tool, the PI provides our managers with insight into the motivations and drivers of their people so they can manage them more effectively for personal and professional success. As a result, our turnover has essentially gone to zero since introducing the PI.

In addition to optimizing our hiring and onboarding processes, the Predictive Index System has also impacted our company culture. With a staff that is more informed about themselves and each other, we are able to leverage an employee’s strengths and connect each individual more closely to their responsibilities. As a result, our teams work more effectively together and performance has improved. We will continue to use the Predictive Index for future hires and employee development.”