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What Makes A Great Boss?

What Makes A Great Boss?

Managers have an outsized impact on their employees’ work experience. A good boss makes all the difference between employees doing what they need to get by versus going above and beyond. In fact, most people surveyed by the Predictive Index for a 2018 management survey who reported having a great boss were passionate about and had energy to do their jobs (94 percent). The right people in the right jobs led by great managers can move mountains.

So, what makes a great boss? The survey found great managers are willing to work hard, but also that they know when to laugh. They tend to have a positive outlook, and are knowledgeable about how to do their jobs. Great managers are also passionate about what they do and have compassion for those around them. Here are the top 20 traits of great managers.

  • 82% Has a strong work ethic
  • 80% Is honest
  • 79% Has a sense of humor
  • 79% Is confident
  • 79% Has a positive attitude
  • 78% Makes good decisions
  • 76% Recognizes me when I do good work
  • 75% Is passionate about her/his job
  • 75% Is highly knowledgeable in the area she/he manages
  • 75% Has a good grasp of the entire business
  • 75% Is kind
  • 74% Stays calm and cool in the face of pressure
  • 74% Listens well
  • 72% Cares about me personally
  • 71% Cares about my career & personal development
  • 71% Lets me make decisions
  • 71% Is a well-rounded person
  • 71% Is highly intelligent
  • 70% Maintains her/his calm in difficult situations
  • 70% Is flexible and adaptable

There is also a difference between merely good managers and great ones. Here are the top 10 biggest gaps:

  • When it comes to being able to motivate others, only 38% of the good managers did so, compared with 70% of the great managers.
  • Just 35% of the good managers set and communicate clear expectations for their direct reports compared with 65% of the great managers.
  • The surveyed employees says that 42% good managers care about their career and personal development, but 71% of great managers do.
  • Only about a quarter (26%) good managers help employees see the meaning of their work compared with 53% of the great managers.
  • For the statement “Makes good decisions” 51% reported that quality among the good managers compared with 78% for great managers.
  • Respondents found that good managers (40%) make sure their employees’ voices and ideas are heard and considered, compared to 67% of great managers.
  • Only 35% of good managers were rated as “highly responsive,” whereas 61% of great managers were.
  • Less than half of the good managers (48%) listen well, but 74% of great managers do.
  • The statement “Understands what drives/motivates me personally” was reported as a quality in just 29% of the good managers, as opposed to 55% of great managers.
  • Finally, respondents say that 37% good managers advocate for their direct report, compared to 63% of great managers.

Basically, those determined by their teams to be great managers do a better job at personalizing the work. They listen to and advocate for their direct reports. They tend to care about and understand their individual employees. Employees want to feel valued and respected for who they are and what they bring to the job. The great managers are the ones who take the time to pay attention, understand who people are, and what motivates them personally.

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