What Makes a Great Boss? - Business Results
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What Makes a Great Boss?

What Makes a Great Boss?

Leaders and managers at all levels are tasked with driving their company’s objectives by working with their teams. They have power over their direct reports’ activities and ideally should guide their team’s initiatives — really rally the troops — to make great things happen.

Think about the time you had a really great manager or boss. What made them great? They probably lead by example; they understood how to motivate you and your coworkers to make things happen.

Now think about the time when you had a bad boss. You were probably frustrated with their motivation strategies, or they didn’t make clear expectations or they just didn’t understand how to lead their team in a way that accomplishes goals. In fact, they may have even inadvertently kept good things from happening.

Most bad bosses aren’t trying to be bad bosses. They often just lack the understanding of what truly engages each individual. One-size-fit-all management strategies do not work. Everyone is unique!

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