When Hiring, Stop Looking for Unicorns and Start Looking for Great People! - Business Results
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When Hiring, Stop Looking for Unicorns and Start Looking for Great People!

When Hiring, Stop Looking for Unicorns and Start Looking for Great People!

When hiring, every business is searching for the best candidates. Rarely does an employer express a need for “ok” or “average” employees – they all want unicorns. But there’s no such thing. To secure the best talent that fits your job requirements, your culture, and the current people already on your team, it’s essential to look beyond a candidate’s resume and truly understand what makes them excel.

Business Results helps clients understand the importance of assessing candidates’ strengths and encourages them to consider those natural strengths along with each candidate’s education, training, competencies, and skills. This is not a red light/green light process. Rather, we focus on identifying individuals as great matches for certain roles that many companies might not even consider based on their resumes alone.

We then take that data to create tailored interviewing to help clients and the candidates understand the true nature of the work to be done, including behavioral and competency-based questions such as integrity, communication, motivations, and more.

Think of it from the candidate’s perspective. You advertise for a sales role, but you neglected to provide insight that you need aggressive sales, rather than friendly, relationship sales. The genuinely personable candidate is hired and later let go because they didn’t aggressively drive the desired sales numbers. Had you interviewed appropriately, this wouldn’t happen. Using people data pre-hire reduces the risk of making poor hires.

In essence, people data collection equips employers with more informed decision-making tools, elevating the predictive accuracy of performance outcomes compared to traditional methods like references and resumes alone.

Most importantly, the data allows companies to best onboard and develop each new hire to their maximum ability more quickly. Want to learn more about interviewing and onboarding? We can help!