Disengaged employees cost companies $500 billion a year - Business Results
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Disengaged employees cost companies $500 billion a year

Disengaged employees cost companies $500 billion a year

Disengaged employees cost companies $500 billion a year, and US businesses lose another $11 billion annually due to turnover. Is everyone in your organization fully engaged and maximally productivity?

Figure 1 From Zero


Figure 2 To Hero!

The Predictive Index Employee Experience Survey™ is a scientifically-validated tool that measures engagement, analyzes and prioritizes results, and prescribes detailed action plans to address problem areas so you can take action immediately. This anonymous 50-question survey provides insight into overall employee engagement, as well as how individuals feel about their job, their manager, the organization’s culture, and their peers. It identifies strengths and blind spots that have the biggest impact on engagement.

After the survey diagnoses the problem areas, you and your managers can Take Action on Engagement! This PI workshop ensures that positive change happens across all levels by preparing leaders, managers, and team leads to communicate effectively, and build and execute data-driven actions plans.

The CATIL® 360 Feedback survey evaluates managers and/or jobs from different perspectives, highlighting strengths and weaknesses, through an automated evaluation process to:

  • Assess job-specific competencies, and receive honest evaluations.
  • Understand your managers’ blind spots and hidden strengths.
  • Create objective and realistic development plans!

Imagine what you could achieve with a more engaged, productive team and organization.

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