Hiring Can Be Challenging. There's A Better Way - Business Results
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Hiring Can Be Challenging. There’s A Better Way

Hiring Can Be Challenging. There’s A Better Way

Recruiting top candidates and hiring can be challenging, particularly given unemployment is still low. There are effective strategies you can employ to attract the right candidates for your critical positions.

Many companies focus solely on resumes and skills, overlooking the behavioral traits, cognitive abilities, and competencies that are essential for anyone to thrive in a role. Skills can be taught and experience gained, but behavioral drives and motivating needs are implicit and will have a significant influence on one’s job performance.

Business Results helps clients get your hiring team on the same page. We help clients of all sizes from job ads to interviewing, from onboarding to managing. Whether it’s a dynamic influencer for a sales position, or a meticulous project manager, we help you identify ideal work qualities so that you can properly interview and find successful candidates.

Too often, job advertisements lack distinction and fail to captivate potential candidates in today’s competitive landscape. Candidates have the luxury of selecting opportunities based on enticing job descriptions, making it imperative for your job ads to stand out. You want to think of your job descriptions as an extension of your brand and organizational identity. Weave in the desired behaviors alongside skills and qualifications to attract candidates who resonate with your company culture. By going beyond the standard resume criteria, you’ll enhance the appeal of your hiring process and attract a more diverse pool of candidates.

Attracting top talent goes beyond offering competitive compensation packages. In a market where candidates wield significant leverage, emphasizing growth and development opportunities can be a key differentiator. You need to include opportunities for professional development both to grow in the role and in the organization. People also look for employers whose company values align with their personal values, making it essential to emphasize these aspects alongside tangible benefits.

Look at your roles and consider things such as flexible work arrangements, professional development opportunities (both in house and more formal training), and a supportive team environment, you’ll not only attract top talent but also foster high retention rates.

By acknowledging candidate preferences and aligning them with your organizational offerings, you can navigate the talent landscape effectively.