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Listen, Empower, Appreciate

Listen, Empower, Appreciate

There are three things every manager needs to do when working with their teams. These words should ideally guide their actions when working with others every day. They are, “Listen, Empower, Appreciate.”

Let’s start with listening. Managers need to ensure that their instructions, expectations, and goals are communicated clearly to their team members. But communication is a two-way street. First, managers need to be clear in their communication to help prevent misunderstandings or bigger problems. Most managers tend to give instruction or expectations the way they would like to receive them. To make sure you are on the same page, managers need to listen and ask good questions to make sure everyone is clear about what steps to take. Active listening is intentional and a skill that many struggle to master. Start by asking, “What have I neglected to clarify in my instruction?” “Can you repeat that back to me, so that I can make sure I didn’t forget anything?” “How will you approach this task?” “What challenges might you face?” and “How can I best support you as you complete this task?”

The best thing managers can do is truly empower their people to be successful without hovering over their every action. Support your team members to build a positive and productive work environment. Managers can schedule pulse-check meetings to provide direct help, offer guidance, or identify other resources their people need to perform at their best. When employees feel empowered, they are more likely to be motivated, engaged, and loyal to the organization. Remember every person tackles work in different ways. Managers need to understand what motivates each person on their team to action and then use that people data to help people thrive.

To appreciate someone is a gift that acknowledges a job well done. Recognizing and appreciating the efforts and the achievements of team members is vital for boosting morale, motivation, and overall job satisfaction. Acknowledging their hard work and contributions demonstrates that their work is valued and that their efforts are making a difference. This positive reinforcement not only enhances individual performance but also contributes to a culture of appreciation and camaraderie within the team.

“Listen, Empower, Appreciate.” These three words encapsulate some of the most important aspects of effective management: clear communication and listen to your people to help them understand their work, create an environment that empowers people to be successful and support each person so that they can continue to grow in their careers, and take a moment to genuinely show employees how much you appreciate their contributions. When managers embody these principles, they create an environment where employees feel understood, valued, and empowered to excel.