People Are The Key To Providing The Very Best Service - Business Results
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People Are The Key To Providing The Very Best Service

People Are The Key To Providing The Very Best Service

MBK Senior Living, a leader in the assisted living industry, has been named one of the “Best Places to Work in Healthcare in 2009” by Modern Healthcare Magazine. This designation validates their progress in creating a workplace of truly inspired people, committed to serving their clients. The following is a testimonial given by Terry Howard, CEO, at MBK Senior Living:

I’ve used Predictive Index® since 1985, and have long since been a real believer in the positive impact PI can make in the workplace. 60 to 70% of our company’s operating costs are labor based. We are clearly in the people business – our people are the key to providing the very best service and care to our seniors. It’s imperative for my organization to have the right people in the right jobs. There is no question that PI® has been instrumental in doing that at MBK Senior Living. PI® is also a critical tool in understanding individual work styles, as well as building and coaching teams to work effectively with each other, which ultimately leads to greater job satisfaction and retention. Using PI®, we can ensure that employees are aligned with a job that best fits their behavioral style. Our company’s turnover, since implementing PI®, has gone from 70% to 39%, which for our industry is exceptional.

Trust and mutual respect are two of our core values. The key to trust is being able to identify how employees are going to respond to certain behaviors and being open to individual differences. You develop a great work environment when you know your colleagues work styles, and can enhance communication by knowing their triggers and touch points. The ways in which we use the Predictive Index® touches all of our core values.

In working to continuously improve our business, our managers use PI® to study their team’s PI® profiles to identify the different communication styles that may complement or conflict with each other. PI® has been extremely valuable to team building, job alignment, and performance.

As a relatively young company, it’s been amazing to be recognized by Modern Healthcare magazine as number 37 out of 100 of the “Best Places to Work in Healthcare”. When I was in Chicago to accept the award, I spoke with several people about the Predictive Index. Their comment was, “Okay, so this is the tool for hiring.” My response was “No, this is a tool for managing the enterprise and your most important resource – your human capital.” With so many applications, hiring is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the capability and the benefit of using Predictive Index.

Predictive Index® is one of the core processes that we will continue to maximize and enhance our use of as we continually strive to achieve our mission of exceeding the quality, service and care expectations of those we serve. Our goal is to be named in the top 20 of the “Best Places to Work in Healthcare in 2010”, and Predictive Index® will be a key instrument in achieving that goal.