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use behavior analytics improve business results
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Personality Analytics with Dolly Penland

Personality Analytics with Dolly Penland

On Top of PR with Jason Mudd, CEO of Axia Public Relations, and Dolly Penland, CEO of Business Results discuss personality analytics. Learn how to hire the best individual for your company, lead them to their highest potential, and remotely manage them during the pandemic all through personality analytics. Dolly Penland is the CEO of a talent optimization consultancy and has had years of experience helping companies scale.

You’ll learn from this episode:

How to better manage your clients and employees?
How can a company minimize turnover?
How personality analytics help you hire the best talent for your company?
How can you manage individuals with different personalities?
Is it effective to have a team composed of individuals with different personalities?
How to be more customer focused?


“I am encouraging my managers and my leaders to be self aware of their impact on people even remotely because we are still in a working environment, a working relationship.” — @DollyPenland

“You have to understand how people are going to be unique and value them for those unique qualities.” — @DollyPenland

“We have to understand that just because somebody has a degree or a certification doesn’t mean that we don’t still need to invest time and energy into developing them, training them, getting up to speed on whatever their new workload is.”— @DollyPenland

“Success is not a one time event. It’s ongoing.” — @DollyPenland

“I like to make sure that employees understand how their little piece is helping the ultimate organization’s big outcomes. That’s empowering for people to know those kinds of things.” — @DollyPenland

“It starts with self awareness because I have to understand that I might be the one getting in my own way.”— @DollyPenland

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