Using People Data to Achieve Business Results - Business Results
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Using People Data to Achieve Business Results

Using People Data to Achieve Business Results

According to SHRM’s Covid 19 Research, 83% of employers have made business practice adjustments as a result of Covid-19, while another 7 out of 10 employers are struggling to adapt to remote work, More than 1/3 of employers face challenges with:

  • maintaining company culture
  • managing employers who are unable to work remotely
  • shifting communication to meet remote needs
  • new training needs

We offer a number of tools to help managers and leaders with each of these issues. I recently conducted a couple of virtual programs on Talent Optimization that describe many of these.

Here’s a recording of a recent webinar Understanding PI’s software and tools. Please feel free to review the recording at your convenience or share with others in your organization

I hope you find the program informative and helpful to your organization.