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Business Results Helps Managers Make Meetings Meaningful!

Business Results Helps Managers Make Meetings Meaningful!

Traditional performance management techniques don’t always work. They can be even less effective when people are working in remote or hybrid work environments where some of those necessary in-person nuances are missing. Then consider that most managers lack formal training around working with the unique behavioral motivations of individual contributors. Performance management tools must address all of these challenges.

Business Results is pleased to share that PI Perform is now available to help address these problems by enhancing one-on-one meetings. The system provides clear agendas for managers to address performance issues promptly, and help them easily prepare for how to uniquely approach each employee to drive productivity. Coupled with our management training series, we help your managers make 1:1 meetings meaningful!

This is a tool that benefits leaders at all levels. By linking goal-setting with regular meetings, PI Perform ensures managers and employees are on the same page and are able to easily track progress, which provides the added benefit to employees who want real-time feedback to continuously improve performance without “guessing” or trying to “decode” a manager’s direction. This obviously benefits the organization as well, because everyone has clarity as they move toward the same business results.

PI Perform streamlines feedback and recognition, helping managers to engage consistently with their people, aided by templates, 360 reviews, and actionable performance insights. The tool also leverages AI to help managers with coaching and feedback by suggesting tailored prompts and identifying agenda items from communication platforms, making meetings more productive. The system improves regular meetings, and offers everything from agenda topics to goal setting, improving user engagement and performance management practices.

To explore PI Perform further, set up a two-week trial with a group of key leaders with Business Results today!