Don't Be Afraid to Take on These Monsters at Work! - Business Results
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Don’t Be Afraid to Take on These Monsters at Work!

Don’t Be Afraid to Take on These Monsters at Work!

There’s nothing scarier in business than not achieving your business objectives. Often, the disconnect between the desired results and actual outcomes stems from simply not creating a strategic people plan that directly aligns with your strategic business plan. Is your business haunted by any of these issues?

Ghosts. If you don’t have the right people in the right jobs using effective objective job models specifically designed to drive your business metrics, you will have people showing up at work, but not mentally “showing up” to work – like a ghost. Their spirit just isn’t in it. They are there, but the evidence of their work isn’t; they aren’t hitting key performance indicators. You must understand who people are before you hire them and then tailor their onboarding to their learning needs.

Vampires. High performing teams have clearly defined team objectives, individual goals, and team leaders who know how to coordinate their members within their different roles. Without these three key ingredients, teams aren’t effective, meaning you may have vampires sucking the energy out of your initiatives. Leaders at all levels need to know what the long-term organizational game plan is and what the “win” looks like, as well as each team or department’s win. Only then can every person on the team truly understand how their individual work helps us to win.

Monsters. Most so-called “bad” managers aren’t trying to be bad managers. Someone just decided to promote that person without providing the necessary training for the new role and its responsibilities, nor did they take into account the future manager’s desire to actually jump to the next level. This future manager may have looked good “on paper”, hiding their “internal demons”, until they were given the freedom to roam. Everyone is surprised when the monster is unleashed, doing whatever it wants to rather than what the organization needs accomplished in that leadership position. You need quality leaders at every level, from front line supervisors to the C-suite.

Having an outstanding culture is not just words. It’s creating an environment where everyone at all levels of the organization embodies your vision, mission, and values. To do so, people need to feel safe to express themselves, knowing that their opinions will be heard and valued so they can collaborate and make great things happen for the business.

Don’t be afraid to take on these monsters! We’re here to help you drive your Business Results!

Happy Halloween!