Strong Job Fit Improves Employee Retention and Builds a High Performance Culture - Business Results
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Strong Job Fit Improves Employee Retention and Builds a High Performance Culture

Strong Job Fit Improves Employee Retention and Builds a High Performance Culture

Credit Union Executives Society (CUES), an international membership association for credit union executives, is a client of Wipfli located in Madison, Wisconsin. The Executive Management needed help hiring the right people for open positions, and was then quickly introduced to the PI. After using the Predictive Index for almost 10 years, they have been able to retain highly motivated staff, sustain their corporate culture, and has been able to help them understand each others’ work styles.

The Credit Union Executives Society (CUES) is an international membership association for credit union executives. Based in Madison Wisconsin, its mission is to provide educational advancement for credit union CEOs and their fellow executives, board members, and future leaders.

CUES commitment to its mission includes the use of the behavioral assessment tool, Predictive Index® (PI®), offered through PI®. Barb Kachelski, who has been with CUES for 21 years and is the current Senior Vice President/Chief Operating Officer, was first introduced to PI about 10 years ago when discussing the candidate pool for an open IT position with a PI consultant. Barb learned that the right person for the job would more than likely not have strong interviewing skills. So instead of making a hiring decision based largely on how well a candidate interviews, Barb’s team could now use the insight from the Predictive Index to gain a deeper understanding of the behavioral insights of the candidates to the specific IT role. “PI® provides critical data and insight into the hiring process,” explains Barb. “We were able to uncover an individual’s natural behaviors and motivations, enabling us to make the right hiring decision. PI® is easy to administer, and has accurate results.” CUES quickly saw the value of the Predictive Index beyond hiring and job fit to team building and developing a strong corporate culture.

CUES began using PI® combined with The PI® Job Assessment, a PI® companion tool that profiles the behavioral requirements of the job, for both external and internal hiring. PROs are developed for every position in the organization. The Predictive Index® is also used with those employees seeking a new role within the company. Their PI® profiles are reviewed in relation to the behavioral requirements of the new job, prior to placement. The new roles have been successful for both the employees and the organization. “PI® has been instrumental in selecting a successor or filling a critical void when someone has left a position.”

The Predictive Index® is used for building strong teams within the organization. According to Barb, “PI® plays an important role in team development. We review individual PIs with all the team members. Providing this insight creates an awareness of individual work styles which allows each team member to work more effectively together. Using PI, we share profiles so that employees who’ve had very little interaction can understand each other better, and accomplish common goals with a remarkable lack of friction.”

Barb shares, “… our PI® Consultant conducts a yearly PI® training session at CUES where all of the staff share their PI® profiles, and discuss different communication styles and techniques for working more effectively together. This process helps create a work environment, where colleagues can understand each other’s work styles and how to deal with others whose work styles differ from their own.”

Barb shares, “With the Predictive Index®, we place the right people in the right jobs, helping us retain a highly motivated staff. Most of CUES employees have longevity with our organization, and PI® helps us sustain our strong corporate culture. PI® plays a part in our commitment to provide quality professional development for credit union industry leaders.”