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The ABCs of Making Smarter Hiring Decisions

The ABCs of Making Smarter Hiring Decisions

Business owners, executives and leaders must have a clear plan of action in order to achieve their goals (sales goals, customer service goals, product development goals, etc.). However, what often gets left out of that strategic plan is a detailed “people” plan. Do you have a clearly defined understanding of exactly who the people are that can produce those desired outcomes?

To see your desired business results, to win, to succeed, you must know what each position requires, and then ensure sure you have the right people in those positions who can do the work the way you need. Finally, and most importantly, you must have managers who know how to inspire each employee every day to do their best and perform at peak potential. Most managers lack formal training in understanding people, effective communication, and managing others.

Creating (or updating) your people plan is as easy as ABC. You need:

  • A clearly Articulated understanding of the knowledge, skills and abilities each position requires,
  • A scientific way to define and measure the Behavioral and Cognitive requirements of the job, and
  • The Competencies requirements (such as integrity, relationship building, achieve orientation, and more) for someone to be successful in any given role.

With Business Results, you have access to the Predictive Index and CATIL which provide a clear set of metrics to achieve each of these key targets and help form an effective people plan. Keeping these simple ABCs in mind and using a detailed people data will ensure your strategic business plan is a success. To learn more, contact us today!